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ILS Intelligent Lectern Systems
ILS Synergy Series

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ILS Synergy Series Lecterns

ILS proudly presents the all new Synergy series Lecterns, featuring special Aptitude Adaptor inserts in the Synergy series exclusive Universal Mounting System.

Staying with the ILS focus on elegant, beautiful and functional lecterns, the new Synergy lecterns combines design with a flexible platform which can be tailored to suit any venue. From sleek and simple options like aluminium or plexiglass to luxurious Walnut/Wenge wood, the lectern can be customized for your specific needs. However, the new Synergy-Universal Mounting System allows you to change your wooden workspace to a fully interactive screen in minutes.

Aptitude Adaptor inserts with standard mounting options for:

  • VESA mountable touch screens
  • Integrated solutions with either aluminium or full multi-touch glass work surface or
  • All-in-one PC’s from Dell, HP or Lenovo.
  • Presidential looking wood and aluminium inserts.

The new ILS Synergy Lecterns Series will allow you stay sleek and elegant without sacrificing functionality or dependability. ILS delivers feature rich software – sho-Q 2020 – with each PC powered system.

The following features are standard with the exception of features marked as optional

ILS Synergy Series

The new Synergy Platform has been redesigned from the ground up to be a fully integrated but modular system with space for many different options and solutions.

With the Synergy Series lecterns we are also introducing the Universal Mounting System (UMS). This system will give users the choice between various inserts and the ability to change them at will. This will allow any user to change the lectern from a wooden or aluminium work surface into a integrated system with a touch or pen based monitor in minutes. The UMS comes with space for a microPC. To lock and unlock the UMS, a special Power Key is needed to release the clamping system holding the UMS securely in place.

Universal Mounting System (UMS)

Synergy allows for construction with the handrail visible or hidden inside the constructions. This way the maximum amount of space can be used for either workspace or wide screen solutions. The supporting metal construction will give maximum strength while maintaining an elegant look and feel.

Optionally, there is space for an Audio upgrade. This package includes a pair of high fidelity speaker arrays from VoicePoint, Germany that will give the lectern enough amplification for room up to 100 people.

ILS Connectivity panel

Synergy series lecterns come standard with a connectivity panel on the side for laptops using VGA/HDMI/DP/LAN/USB/Audio connectors. There is also an access port for the Power Key to unlock the UMS.

The new Synergy series lecterns can fit a wide variety of pillars and cabinets from small to wide. Cabinets have space from half to full 19” width rack space, offering angle and electrical height adjustability (depending on the version).


Synergy Mix & Match


Synergy IM Presenter

ILS Synergy IM Presenter

Synergy Presidential Lectern

ILS Synergy Presidential Lectern

This seamless sheet of 5 mm safety glass offers 10 point multi-touch with integrated 29”ultrawide 2560x1080 display, a 10” control panel, a trackpad and a multifunctional keyboard with changing key layouts.

The new Synergy IM uses Windows 10 to provide a seamless integration between the main screen and the control panel on the right. The keyboard will be fully customizable using our ILS Control Software capable of displaying virtually any keyboard layout.

The Synergy IM comes standard with a 10” control panel, Blu-ray Disk writer/player, Intel® i7-6700T Core™ i5, Solid State Drive and HDMI Switcher.


  • 7” Control Panel in Top
  • 10” Control panel
  • Integrated Audio

The new ILS Synergy WW is an elegant lectern with a Walnut or Wenge wood top which integrates nicely in any room.

Preferred option for this lectern is the Audio Upgrade which will add a speaker array in the front, making the lectern a fully self-supporting speaking system for rooms up to 100 persons.

There is also ample space inside the lectern to house additional control systems by creating space inside the wooden surface.


  • 7” Control Panel in Top
  • Audio Upgrade
  • 2 or 4 cable retractors


ILS D-series Presenter


ILS S-series Presenter

The new Synergy D series uses the same Universal Mounting System techniques that make the Synergy series lecterns so versatile. Cradle your all-in-one touch PC in your lectern, and use the folding stand to provide you with an optimal reading angle.

The Synergy D series has been specially designed to hold a Dell 7000 Series, and similar HP and Lenovo all-in-one PCs, and supports 23”-24”-27” high and ultra high resolution monitors on a height- and angle adjustable arm for great flexibility.

Alternatives include:

  • Lenovo A740
  • HP Envy Recline


  • Audio Upgrade 7”
  • Control Panel in Top
  • Wood Monitor Cover

The new Synergy S series uses a Universal Mounting System with a VESA mount on top so you can integrate a SMART SP254. This pen and touch monitor creates a very versatile lectern for both presentations and annotations.

The Synergy S series requires a PC to control the screen. This PC can be placed remotely, either through a wall or floor box, or inside the base. Alternatively there is room inside the UMS for microPC.

Alternatives include:

  • ILS2200DualTech
  • WACOM 2241 or 2242
  • Creston TSD


  • Audio system
  • Build-in PC
  • 7” Control Panel in Top
  • Wood Monitor Cover
Base Stand
ILS Base A ILS Base B


Download the ILS Synergy Datasheet (PDF).

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ILS Intelligent Lectern Systems
ILS Synergy Series