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sho-Q Presentation Software
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sho-Q Presentation Software

sho-Q Presentation Software
sho-Q Presentation Software

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About sho-Q

sho-Q. The presentation software that turns corporate presentations, seminars and conferences into professionally executed events.

sho-Q software is an alternative or companion to PowerPoint. It simply takes your PowerPoint presentations to a higher level. It is specifically designed for lecterns featuring touch screens.

sho-Q supports presenters with intuitive slide navigation, easy transitions between multiple presentations, and straightforward conference schedule planning. The software allows for seamless switching between sessions or presenters, shows a countdown timer at the top of the PowerPoint presentation, and provides easy slide annotation.

Appreciated by Teachers, Trainers, and Lecturers using a Pen Interactive Monitor

This package complements sho-Q with generous whiteboard functions, seamless Document Camera integration, more elaborate annotations, you can jump out of your presentation and show pictures, documents, movies and web pages at any point without having to embed these within the PowerPoint presentation. Your presentation will automatically continue where you left off. sho-Q2020 saves all your slide annotations.

Using ILS Lecterns

sho-Q was developed with ILS intelligent lecterns in mind, but will run on any touch screen monitor and PC. sho-Q 2020 will run on any All-in-one TouchPC with HD resolution as well.

Systems must have the ability to run in extended desktop mode between your sho-Q monitor and the audience projection screen (or other large monitors for audience to view).

All ILS lecterns are very user-friendly and feature large embedded touch screens. Several lecterns come with a choice of flexible options for audio and system control. Intelligent presenter lecterns will allow you to run professionally organized events with seamless transitions from one speaker to the other. All distractions have been eliminated so your audience will retain what is being said much better.


sho-Q automatically groups and loads all your presentations for an event allowing
seamless transitions between them. No time is wasted setting up for the next speaker.
sho-Q Presentation Overview

Overview of all presentations, add additional presentations,
start or continue existing ones.

sho-Q Slides Overview

Overview of all the slides in the current presentation.
You can quickly jump to any slide of your choosing.

You can fully focus on delivering your material, and don’t have to worry about technology, it simply works.
sho-Q Extended Display Mode

Take full control of your presentation using extended display mode.

With sho-Q 2020 you can seamlessly switch between different PowerPoint presentations, annotate your slides, use a live whiteboard and insert web pages. You can also insert any image snapshot from your document camera as the next slide.
sho-Q Interactive Live Whiteboard

Use the interactive live whiteboard (different pen colors, different background colors), and save the whiteboard as an image.

sho-Q Live Annotations

You can live annotate your slides.

sho-Q Main Presentation Screen

Main presentation screen. You can preview the previous/next slide, annotate slide, use the whiteboard, and import from the document camera.

sho-Q Integrated Webrowser

Use integrated webrowser to show the audience your web links.

sho-Q Slide, Desktop, Whiteboard, or Black Screen

You can show your audience the slide, your desktop, the whiteboard, or a black screen.

sho-Q Menu Buttons, Clock and Timer etc.

sho-Q menu buttons, choose what your audience sees, clock and timer that are always visible to the presenter.

sho-Q File Browser

Handy file browser to import your presentations.

Additional Features:

  • sho-Q helps you maintain your train of thought. It shows the current, previous and next slide at a size that is easy to read. You can read your slide notes - your audience won't see them either way.
  • Simple, clean design that is intuitive and doesn't interfere with your presenting style.
  • Specifically designed for large touch screens: just swipe the slide to navigate, pinch and pan to Zoom.
  • You can queue up multiple presentations for different speakers at an event in advance. The next presenter can walk to the lectern and start his presentation immediately. All available presentations are shown on a single screen, identified by their first slide or a slide of your choosing. New presentations are easily added to the queue: just tap the first empty frame and import your file.
  • sho-Q can automatically import presentations from a USB flash drive as soon as it's inserted into the computer.
  • Your presentation will automatically continue where you left off.
  • Annotate your slides
  • WhiteBoard function, when more control is needed for your annotations
  • PDF Support, any PDF document can be the source of your slides. Simply add it to the presentations list. You can freely mix powerpoint and PDF based presentations.
  • Document Camera Support, ShoQ allows you to capture paper documents and insert them into your slides queue.
  • Embedded Web Browser support with annotations feature ensures smooth flow of your presentation.
  • Context sensitive controls are shown within the current slide to control animations in the presentation.
  • Show-All-Slides function for a quick overview of all the slides in your presentation. Quickly navigate to any slide within your presentation.
  • View timer and clock simultaneously at the top of your screen.
  • Temporarily show your audience a black screen. Avoid distractions and make them focus on what's being said.
  • Windows per monitor DPI friendly. Nowadays high resolution monitors starting with Windows 8 force users to change system scaling to higher values. Sho-Q supports per monitor scaling with no "Blur effect".
  • You can use a clicker or remote any time, sho-Q automatically keeps the viewer in sync.


*Note that this is an evaluation copy. To remove the 'evaluation' mark from the program, you'll need to buy the software. Further details can be found in the package.

This package complements sho-Q with generous whiteboard functions, more elaborate annotations and document camera features. You can jump out of your presentation to other presentations, whiteboard mode or internal Web browser at any point. Your presentation will automatically continue where you left off.

Technical Requirements

  • screen resolution 1366x768 or better
  • dual monitor configuration
  • Windows 7/8/10
  • MS Office 2007 or later

Pricing Notes:

sho-Q Presentation Software
sho-Q Presentation Software