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Touchtech Lima
The power of touch

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Dimension Software
Touchtech Lima
Touchtech Lima Software
Our Price: $1,699.00

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Touchtech Lima
The power of touch

Increase Brand Perception

Our brain processes information faster when it is presented with visual content. Touchtech Lima turns ordinary presentations, brochures, images, websites and more into captivating, interactive experiences.

Communicate Ideas, Not Slides

When you're involved you learn faster, communicate ideas and develop an interest in the information you are presented. Everyone should be engaged. Touchtech Lima enables this through collaborative interaction.

More Opportunities

Showcase your brand, your message and your products effectively with Touchtech Lima. This fantastic touch screen software offers a unique experience for everyone. Explore all your products, services and connect with your brand in spectacular fashion.

Captivate, Interact and Promote
Real power at your fingertips

Come Together

The Social Experience
Interact with your customers. Present your product portfolio, corporate identity and opportunities in a unique and exciting way. Get everyone involved, share your ideas and learn together.


The Presentation Experience
Captivate your audience. Touchtech Lima’s easy to use interface provides you with quick access to what matters. Promote your ideas, products and services with the touch of your fingers - attract and present.

Anywhere and Everywhere

The Mobile Experience
Promote on the go. With Touchtech Lima your products, services and message, can quickly be communicated and easily understood by everyone – regardless of where. Always by your side to showcase and present.


What's inside: (click images to enlarge)
Accounts Branding Content
Intuitive Pick'n Flick Surf the Web
Inking File Types Auto arrange
Hide Menu Horizontal Menu Snap on Tap
Sharing More  


Touchtech Lima
Minimum System Requirements:
Operation System Windows 7 or Windows 8, 64-bit
  • Includes Windows 7 Embedded, Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise
  • 32-bit can be used but 64-bit is preferred
  • Windows RT, i.e. the ARM-based Windows OS, is not supported
Processor Intel Core i5 or equivalent AMD processor
Memory 4 GB (8 GB or more is preferred.)
Graphics Card 1 GB graphics card – Intel HD (5000+), AMD or NVIDIA. (A dedicated graphics card is preferred.)
Screen resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Any touch device with Microsoft® Windows® 7 or 8 certified touch drivers
  • Any pen device with Microsoft® Windows® 7 or 8 certified pen drivers

*Mac OS X is not natively supported. However, the Software Product works well with Apple Boot Camp.

**A multitouch screen is not required. However, without a multitouch screen only single-touch actions can be simulated through the click and drag actions of a mouse.

  • Touchtech Lima – the main application
  • Touchtech Lima Configuration – the configuration application, which allows you to adjust features, setup content, customize appearance and general settings.
  The Software Product requires a license to run. The license is linked to the device it was installed on. The Software product license is managed in the configuration application.
Setup and Deployment Requirements

In order to deploy the Software Product an Internet connection is required.

License activation requirements:

  • Internet TCP/IP connectivity for port 443 (HTTP over SSL/TLS)
  • System time must be properly set

Language Support
  The Software Product is available in English. Content can be in any language.
Default Example Content
  The Software Product installer comes with example content (pictures, videos, pdf etc.) that are intended to be used only for demonstrational purposes. Changes or reselling this content outside the Software Product is not allowed. The Licensee may remove the example content for commercial use.


Download the Touchtech Lima Datasheet (PDF).

Pricing Notes:

Dimension Software
Touchtech Lima
Touchtech Lima Software
Our Price: $1,699.00
Touchtech Lima Monthly Managed Services
*Monthly subscription Includes updates, bug fixes, and 4 hours free support
Our Price: $30.00