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Digitable Experience

With nsquared enjoy a seamless experience through creative design and innovation in both our hardware and software. Let the table and software work together to help your team work together.

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INTRODUCING nsquared tabletop

nsquared tabletop is our 360 degree multi-user operating environment designed especially for the digital table. The free floating content items and applications are interactive allowing an intuitive, natural user experience.

With over 20 tailored apps available, nsquared tabletop has an elegant interface which uses fully manipulable free-floating content boxes to engage users intuitively. Award-Winning multi-user technology enriching shared moments.

Welcome to the next step in collaboration.


Included Apps

nsquared attractor™
Get a handle on videos and images with your clients.

nsquared attractor is a multi-user app that enables immersive interaction of images, videos and PDF files. The ideal application for meeting rooms that allows multiple users to browse freely through predefined content. Use nsquared attractor in your meeting to present or display content to a group. An effortless application to use, it draws people together at the table with simple, intuitive technology.

nsquared web™
Explore the web together.

A new social way to search the World Wide Web. Get everyone involved and have multiple browsers open at the same time. Share web pages via email, create a favourites list to save them, or post them directly to social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

nsquared sharing™
Easily share files between devices and cloud accounts.

nsquared sharing allows you to save and load content from local folders, cloud accounts, network drives, and USB drives. Never forget to send an email again. With nsquared sharing, email annotated images, PDFs and meeting notes straight to your colleagues and clients

nsquared drawing™
Share a massive canvas without the mess.

Allow your colleagues to discuss the content on the table while adding and removing annotations using this modern brainstorming tool. Save the content with annotations and never lose the conversation again.

Additional Apps
(Additional apps can be purchased to extend the capabilities of your digital table.)

nsquared presenter™
Connect and present without the cables.

Seamless, multi-screen presentations to surprise and impress. Bring your digital workplace together with nsquared presenter. Simply drag and drop your images into the nsquared presenter window (as shown on the left), and they will appear on your work space screens like magic. Synchronise your vertical screen, tablet, smart phone, and desktop computer to the table to present your work across all devices.

nsquared rooms™
Book rooms faster as a team.

A new way to manage your physical workspace. Allow people to view floor plans to search and book available meeting rooms from an interactive screen. Bookings are confirmed and an invitation is sent via Microsoft Exchange so you don’t need to worry about putting it into your calendar.

nsquared calendar™
Everyone’s day planner in one.

Organise your meetings with this digital planner. View multiple calendars in a daily, weekly or monthly format. Create a contact list for referral when adding appointments to your calendar. Sync your calendars with Exchange and use coloured tabs and tools to easily organise your appointments.

nsquared maps™
Find your way together.

Explore and discover the world using this multi-user, multitouch mapping solution. Search places of interest, add map pins, and generate routes and driving directions, all within the app. All maps can be saved to the table or emailed to your colleagues for later use.

nsquared concierge™
Search through attractions nearby.

Let your guests explore the local area in an easy and engaging way with an interactive map. Provide recommendations for surrounding cafés, restaurants, nightclubs and more, all from the comfort of the foyer lounge or perhaps their own rooms.

nsquared notebook™
Make notes together.

Collaborative, multi-user, multi-orientation note taking. nsquared notebook is ideal for making lists as a team, easily writing minutes together, and brainstorming notes in an open, collaborative space.

nsquared artifacts™
Create floor plans and mood boards without paper

An intuitive tool to enhance your device’s image building capabilities. Ideal for anyone looking to easily visualise ideas, nsquared artifacts gives you the ability to drop any image into another to easily place, move and scale a collection of images. Design your perfect office or living space, or easily put together a mood board. The possibilities are endless.


nsquared thin ice™
Ice cold competition.

nsquared thin ice is a fantastic action puzzle game of freezing fun as up to four players scramble across precarious ice sheets to catch the most fish.

nsquared minesweeper™
Watch out for the mines

The classic minesweeper game has been revamped with a new look. The object of the game is to clear the minefield in the fastest time possible without detonating any mines.

nsquared tic-tac-toe™
Be the first to get three in a row.

This classic paper and pencil game has become digital. Take turns to be the first player to get three Xs or Os in a row; horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

nsquared jigsaw™
A jigsaw without the clean up.

One of the greatest group puzzle games ever, now without the clean up. Upload group photos, choose your piece count, create and play!


Download the nsquared tabletop Datasheet (PDF).

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Dimension Software
nsquared tabletop
nsquared tabletop software
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